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Monash Food Incubator

Supporting the development and growth of food and agriculture entrepreneurs and startups in Australia.

What is the Monash Food Incubator?

The Monash Food Incubator supports food and agriculture startups and entrepreneurs to develop new products and ideas, support growth, and provide mentoring for break-through product development. Co-located in the heart of Monash University research facilities and the Food Innovation Centre, the new state-of-the-art kitchen and co-working space facilitate a range of programs with specialised partners to support each stage of the life cycle of a new business from idea inception to scaling up.

Our programs are open to all entrepreneurs and businesses in food and agriculture and are not limited to Monash University alumni or faculty.

What Do Entrepreneurs Think?

"The Monash Food Incubator connects you with really valuable business contacts to help mentor you at the critical business stages."

Elaine Young

Founder - Infuse Food Innovation

"I will be launching a brand that is strategic and planned and has a great opportunity for success. I went from an idea and came out with an opportunity. I am smarter and more savvy than I was three months ago."

Arianne Sackville

Founder of Bell and Bone pet products (Rocket Seeder Alumni)

Our Facilities

Located at the Monash University campus in Clayton, VIC, the Monash Food Incubator offers state-of-the-art kitchen and coworking facilities to all participants of the partner programs.

The registered kitchen, run by My Other Kitchen, facilitates the development and production of food products as well as mentorship and support for your creative journey.

Large coworking spaces are available for the running of programs and provide a professional environment for MFI participants to conduct meetings and work on their projects.

The partnership with Monash allows entrepreneurs to capitalise use of the facilities, relationships and expertise available through the University and the collaboration with each of the MFI partners.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Monash Food Incubator?

MFI brings together the best facilities, networks and expertise that Monash University can provide along with those of our partners into one place.

Do i need to be a Monash alumni or have studied at Monash to apply?

Absolutely not! Though the MFI is operated and run out of Monash University, you do not need to be affiliated with the University to participate.

Will i receive mentorship?

Our partners all offer mentorship or coaching as a part of their programs, with the exception of the Monash Food Innovation Centre which is a targeted and research pathway for medium and large businesses.

What does it cost?

Each of our partners offer unique programs and as such have different pricing and time commitments. Refer to each partner for the costs involved in their program.

What time commitment is involved?

Each of our partners offer unique programs and as such have different pricing and time commitments. Refer to each partner for the time commitment required.

If i have an idea but no funding, network or even a saleable product yet! Can the MFI still help me ?

We take care of entrepreneurs at each stage of their journey, including the very beginning stages! If you have a unique, commercialable, and innovative idea, we can help you bring it to life through programs such as NEIS .

Do i need to be an established business?

We have programs that suit entrepreneurs and business at each stage of their journey from initial concept through to scaling up and also large corporates who are looking to innovate. Each program is specifically designed to service a particular segment. Find out where you fit by using the buttons on our homepage.

My business is established but need help with the next stage of growth - can MFI help me?

Absolutely! You may benefit from the Chobani or Badalya programs.

Do you have a licensed kitchen to test and produce my product?

Certainly – we have brand new state-of-the-art licensed kitchens run by My Other Kitchen that allow a professional and registered space to conduct your product development and production as well as mentorship and coaching if required.

Do you have a professional space for me to meet prospective clients, partners and suppliers?

Our large space offers a professional environment for you to conduct meetings or work on your projects at a cost.

Can you help me find a manufacturing or pack supplier?

One of the key benefits of the MFI is access to the networks and expertise of Monash University and the partners. Contact us for more information on how we can assist you.

Can you help me establish a network in the food and agriculture industry?

By participating in one of our MFI partner programs, you will establish and develop relationships with other participants and mentors, as well as receiving access to suppliers, investors, manufacturers, lawyers, accountants, etc. Refer to our testimonials or contact us for more information.

Do you take candidates who have a non-food or agriculture business idea?

The MFI is specifically designed and targeted for entrepreneurs and businesses in food and agriculture. As such, we do not cater for those outside of these industries.


I Want To Start A Business

For entrepreneurs who have a great idea but are unsure how to get it off the ground, the NEIS programs will provide you with the support and guidance you need to turn your idea into a business.

The New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) assists eligible job seekers who have an idea for a viable new small business to establish their self-employment venture. The program provides business training, advice and mentorship to unemployed people, and people working 15 hours or less per week. A fully costed commercially viable business plan will be developed as part of the program.

In addition, income support and access to finance may also be available.  NEIS provides a valuable and supportive pathway to becoming an entrepreneur, which may otherwise not be available.

Contact Details

03 9209 5119



I Have An Early Stage Start-Up

For entrepreneurs who have already established a startup and are in need of extra guidance or require a licensed kitchen to develop your product, the My Other Kitchen options may suit your needs.

If you are in need of a licensed kitchen to develop your amazing new food product, My Other Kitchen, based at the Monash Food Incubator provides state-of-the-art commercial kitchen facilities as well as any coaching and mentoring you may need to get your product into the hands of hungry customers.

Contact Details

Jane Del Rosso

+61 (3) 9905 1381


I Want To Grow My Business

For those who have an established small business, perhaps turning over some six-figure revenues, but itching for that next stage of growth or just feel a bit stuck and unsure how to take your business to the next level, Badalya’s coaching program will help you reach new heights.

Badalya is a global food and beverage venture catalyst which specialises in taking validated food concepts to global markets. We work with you, solving the challenges of taking your brand global. We are here to help fund, commercialise, and accelerate your idea globally and shorten the time to profitability with our business expertise, partnership, funding and unique access to resources.

Contact Details

George Gekas +61 424 034 747


Innovation For Medium and Large Businesses

In a market that is becoming increasingly competitive with a customer base with changing needs, medium and large businesses are seeking to innovate and understand their customers on a deeper level.

The Monash Food Innovation Centre (MFIC) applies innovation to help businesses thrive. We challenge and inspire the way food businesses work, think, create and act.

The MFIC’s mission is to co-create consumer-led food and food system answers with industry, government, entrepreneurs and research communities of interest. We provide a like-minded ecosystem of industry, government, research and entrepreneurial communities. Co-created with Monash science and technology, we have created an industry-friendly innovation system to support your efforts to differentiate and take action in both Australian and export markets.

We can also connect you with food entrepreneurs to help solve tomorrow’s problems with their unique perspectives and ideas through specifically tailored corporate programs such as the incubator we co-created with Chobani.

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