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Young NT researchers, innovators and scientists are being urged to put their ideas forward for improving the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of their industries. The Science and Innovation Awards recognise the ideas of 18-35 year olds, helping them turn them into reality. The 2019 Science and Innovation Awards recognise big ideas that contribute

Rabobank brings its start-up pitching competition, FoodBytes!, to London today (13 September). Before the excitement kicks off, FoodNavigator caught up with Rabobank’s Nina Meijers to learn more about how food innovation ecosystems are boosting the triple bottom line. https://www.foodnavigator.com/Article/2018/09/13/Food-innovation-ecosystems-are-boosting-the-triple-bottom-line-Rabobank-says#

An upgraded Apple iPhone is released every two years, but when’s the last time you noticed an improvement to an apple? Innovation in the world of food can often go unnoticed, but below are examples of game-changing research projects that will potentially revolutionise how we prepare and eat food. They include

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