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1. Community Events and Workshops

The Monash FIC regularly engages with over 2,500 businesses or individuals ranging from Start Up’s, SME’s, Multi Nationals, Research hubs and local, state and federal Governments, International businesses from China, Indonesia, Singapore to name a few.

“In a year we host upto 26 events including China Pathways with COFCO and Alibaba, Food Fraud, Gut Health symposiums and the evergreen ‘Bringing New Product Ideas To life’ workshops.”

“A staggering 1,500 businesses engage with us at symposiums, speaking events, workshops, breakfast networking mornings and we are looking for more in 2018.”

“Businesses that have worked with us on innovation projects and programs number in excess of 75 for 2017.”

If you haven’t come to see us yet make sure you register to be kept undated. Like many other businesses mentioned above, you’ll be glad you did.

24 May
May 24
Level 4, 13 Rainforest Walk, Monash University
2. Consumer Led Innovation

In the world of fast moving consumer goods, only 1 out 10 products survive the first year of launch which means 9 out 10 fail! We have not found a silver magic bullet.. have you?

The good news is the team at the Monash Food Innovation Centre can help you to fast-track and reduce the risk of your innovations for both the domestic and export markets (China in particular).

We have collectively launched over 1000’s of products in global markets – who better to help you innovate. We have developed and refined a suite of tools that can be used to harvest your conceptual ideas into successful products. Not only do we bring best practice in innovation tools and methodologies, we also use best in class approaches to design and visualisation such as bringing your ideas and concepts to life with 3D design and prototyping.

What can MFIC answer?

Knowledge Mapping

Understanding the current knowledge of the market
Identifying what you don’t know about the market

Product Mapping

Understand the current product landscape in a competitive context
Identifying the white space opportunities for your product

Product Concept

What is the consumer’s perception of the product concept?

Consumer product labs

Understand how your consumers conceptualise your product and packaging experience by using real products and packaging to measure how consumers response to stimuli that will help guide your product and pack design

In-situ Usage Tests

Explore the usage of the product in-situ and gain insight into your consumers’ context and what influences their behaviour.

Monash Food Innovation Centre has a full consumer inspired design-led approach that will create design guidelines or opportunity platforms that have been anchored in both the current market opportunities and will align with your consumers’ behaviour and needs.

3. Fast Track To Sell Into China

For Australian food and agricultural businesses looking to export to China, Monash Food Innovation Centre has a strategic partnership with COFCO (China Oil and Food Corporation). COFCO’s Nutrition and Health Research Institute (NHRI) has the ability to perform consumer and sensory research in collaboration with the Monash Food Innovation Centre to ensure your product has the best chance of success in China.

By partnering with COFCO’s NHRI, we can bring their expertise and understanding the complexities of the local Chinese consumer market including the cultural nuances across the various tiers between the Chinese cities to ensure success of your product in market.

What can COFCO answer?


  • Does the taste suit the Chinese palate?
  • Does the taste match the concept?

Product Concept

  • What is the Chinese consumer’s perception of the product concept?


  • What is the usage and product occasion for the product?
  • Is the package format suitable?

MFIC also has a number of network of partners from regulatory sense check and acquiring a CIQ certification to distributions and logistics to enable your products into supermarkets or e-commerce channels.

4. Product and Packaging Design

Our expert Industrial design team are on hand to assist with the creation of new packaging and product design. Utilising a user-centred approach and in conjunction with our consumer research team to create compelling concepts from initial ideation sketches through to high quality 3D prints or 2D samples.

We can originate bespoke concepts via hand or digital sketching, detailed CAD modelling, pre-production prototypes and small runs of cardboard or corrugated packaging. These methods can greatly assist in consumer testing and validation so your idea has a better chance of retail success.

Utilising client files or custom designs we can create physical range review samples of SKU, SRP, POS and vessels.

​Our process and technology will reduce time and save your budget.

5. Shopper Research

Australian shoppers have around 30,000 different products in-store to choose from when doing their grocery shop at the average Australian supermarket. Meaning on-shelf presence is critical to converting shoppers to consumers of your product. Shopper research allows you to validate the impact of your product on-shelf or in-store.

AT MFIC we can test your product a number of ways, we can also test your product throughout the front end innovation stage and once the product has been launched. Our areas of expertise include:

Virtual Store visualisation with Qualitative interview

  • Understanding the retail space from a shopper perspective
  • Qualitative approach helps to understand shopper behaviour

Eye-tracking validation

Eye tracking can be used in a number of different ways to answer your shopper and consumer research questions. Specifically eye tracking can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Understand if your product stands out on a shelf
  • How easy it is to find your product on shelf
  • Determine the pack hierarchal elements that stand out to your consumers

In-store Shopper Research

  • Understand the in-situ challenges facing shoppers
  • Determine the competitive landscape facing your product via observations or qualitative interviews

Our theatre sized display at the FIC (4m wide x 2.2m tall) allows us to simulate a life size supermarket display, so we can effectively create a virtual ‘real-to-life’ retail environment for on-shelf testing. Our theatre sized display also allows us to test pack designs at a higher resolution and in greater detail than what could be tested on a standard computer screen.

6. Virtual Reality

With MFIC’s virtual retail technologies you can collaborate, test, interact and receive feedback on how your new product, category, planogram or activation sits within the store environment.

It allows you to understand shopper behaviour and make informed, profitable decisions before investing large amounts of time and money.

Click here to experience a 360 degree Retail Virtual Reality tour   

Our Retail Virtual technologies consist of:
Virtual theatre screen

Marketing Validation

Store layout

330 degree CAVE

Category Review

New Product Launch

Virtual Reality Goggles

Go for a virtual walk through a retail environment

Pick up bespoke products

7. Future Focused Research

Future proof your business.

By 2050 the world will be a very different place

  • A hungrier world – needing 70% more food
  • A wealthier world – demanding more protein
  • Choosier customers – more informed with greater demands
  • Transformative technologies – computing power with change many aspects of food
  • A bumpier ride – as the environmental impact takes its toll on agriculture
The Food & Sustainable Manufacturing (FSM) translation research enables the delivery through virtual research teams where we can offer critical mass of research discoveries, skills and infrastructure ...
... via focused multidisciplinary applied research clusters, supported by an industry led base, inspired by solving the 2050 food challenges to create commercial and social value.

Are you looking for?

  • For your next disruptive innovation or transformative change
  • To validate independently and scientifically a game changing opportunity
  • To complement your skills to bring it to market
  • To find a network of capabilities that has a reach into Asia
  • To get inspired to disrupt your market by connecting with world class researchers and interpret their work
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