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In an incredibly busy market, we can help any SME Food manufacturer thrive.


With access to a $1Billion innovation precinct at Monash University we can give you world class solutions to shape your business for the future

Access to government grants

Monash Food & Innovation Centre is a Registered Service Provider that can help with grant applications to access the government voucher system for support funding.

New product success

Currently 9/10 products fail after 1 year. You can increase your odds of success with our proven ``Frontend system``, engaging with your consumer to co-create, accelerate and de-risk your innovation.


Not only do we bring best practice in innovation tools and methodologies, we also use best in class approaches to design and visualisation such as bringing your ideas and concepts to life with 3D design and prototyping.

Export markets

We have a very special relationship with COFCO (china) to help connect you with one of the biggest trading partners for Australia.

Partner network

We have an amazing network of partners who can help your business to thrive. As a government funded body we do this with your best interests in mind. In addition to our formal partners we also have access to over 2500 businesses. We probably have the best network in Australia!


As experienced practitioners we can relate to many of your challenges and have the tools and capabilities to find fast, cost effective solutions


We know the life of an SME is frantically busy and you can miss many of the opportunities available to you simply because you were not aware. Why not join us for some of our breakfast seminars to keep up to date with the latest opportunities. We guarantee you will walk away with some gems.

Simply register your interest in growing your business and we will make contact to discuss how we can help you.
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