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thrive Monash Food Innovation Centre

Our Vision

We co-create with Monash science, research and technology, solutions to nourish a growing and hungry world to help feed 9 billion people a healthy and sustainable diet within planetary boundaries.

Innovation for everyone

We can apply this to a business of any size. If your business is little more than an idea, a start-up, an SME or large business, we can help you take the next step if you reach out.


We identify what is holding back your growth. We challenge the thinking and take your growth to the next level.

Consumer centred design

Help you harness consumer insights and transform this into new thinking, ideas and most important, actions.

Practical implementation

Our team of industry experts guide you on practical implementation.

Practical Experience

A world class team drawn from industry with the practical expertise to make a difference.


Access to world class infrastructure and resources at Monash.


We can build a team aligned to your specific needs


We can embed the innovation capabilities into your business with our tailored training courses.


We have an impressive track record of results across businesses of all sizes.

Smart Thinking

If you need smarter, lateral thinking then we have access to not just Monash University but a range of unique relationships and partners. Once we understand your needs we can connect you with the right people.

Mission Statement

We co-create consumer led foods and food system answers with industry, government, entrepreneurs and research communities of interest.


Our Services

Keep on top of how consumer insight and innovation can help your business thrive.

Community Events & Workshops

We run regular events and workshops on what is happening in the world of food. Our commitment is to give you at least one nugget of value in every event.

Consumer Led Innovation

In the world of fast moving consumer goods, only 1 out 10 products survive the first year of launch which means 9 out 10 fail! We have not found a silver magic bullet.. have you?

Product and Packaging Design

Our expert Industrial design team are on hand to assist with the creation of new packaging and product design.

Sell Into China

For Australian food and agricultural businesses looking to export to China, Monash Food Innovation Centre has a strategic partnership with COFCO (China Oil and Food Corporation).

Shopper Research

Australian shoppers have around 30,000 different products in-store to choose from when doing their grocery shop at the average Australian supermarket. Meaning on-shelf presence is critical to converting shoppers to consumers of your product.

Virtual Reality

With MFIC’s virtual retail technologies you can collaborate, test, interact and receive feedback on how your new product, category, planogram or activation sits within the store environment.

Upcoming Events

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What Are You Looking For?

We can help connect you to the right resources.

Increase the odds of success for your innovation?

Sense-check a risky idea?

Understand or validate an opportunity?

Bring to life your ideas through design and visualisation?

Complement your R&D skills? Or find R&D you may not have?

Leverage a network of capabilities to bring your idea to market (Including China)?

Build innovation and export capabilities with other innovators?

Creating a point in difference through disruptive research?

experts ``A small team, who are committed to a cause bigger than themselves, can achieve absolutely anything`` - Simon Sinek

The Food Innovators

The Food Innovation Centre are a committed team of innovation practitioners who live and breath to commercialise innovation. We specialise in exploring and validating product or service offers from concept stage to market execution.

Chief Operating Officer

Senior executive with over 20 years experience in FMCG,…

Education Capability Manager

Long history of engaging and inspiring people to do…

Lead Industrial Designer

With over 7 years experience in product, packaging and…

Industrial Designer

Ben has a wide range of skills in the…

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What Our Clients Say

Real results from real businesses large and small.

“Burra Foods with the support of the Victorian Government Voucher program for Asian Gateway approached Monash Food Innovation to understand the perception of the Chinese consumer on a new innovation opportunity. The team at Monash and their partner COFCO NHRI provided timely and very professional service from brief to research outcomes. Burra Foods is currently working through the next steps from this project.”

Yuko Granger

Marketing & Communication Lead

"MFI Design team helped develop and prototype our product to present to retailers. The main outcome was mock-ups that illustrate the full offer and how a stocked item will be displayed on shelf in a retail environment. Their team provided an integral service to our business as it allowed us to quickly test the prospect of being in a retail environment. They were professional in handling any changes that were necessary and we would happily use them again."

Nick Sheridan


"MFI enabled Sparkplug to investigate the nutritional properties of the Pure Gold Pineapples. The challenge was to uncover the definitive concentrations of an array of nutrients within the fruit, to ensure that Pure Gold Pineapple could market the fruit based on science. This information as well as compiling appropriate research on the benefits of the nutrients within Pure Gold Pineapple is important scientific information on how these pineapples can aid human health and wellbeing. This provided Pure Gold Pineapple with important science based nutrition information to back the marketing program in educating consumers about the wonderful nutrients Pure Gold Pineapple contains and the added benefits supporting consumption all year round."

Joanna Shinewell

Nutrition Director

"MFI's Design team developed a new product mould concept. The main outcome was a design that could be produced in our company facilities representing our core brand identity whilst enabling a new look range for our company. They provided stimulating and pertinent designs, which were distilled down into a single concept that encapsulates the brand identity whilst capturing desired form direction. Their team provided an integral service to our business as it allowed us to quickly test internally the prospect of new designs and gain useful insight into new product developments. They were professional in handling scope changes whilst the project was active."

Tim Stanford

Marketing Director

"MFIC helped to bring to life validated product concepts utilising the Monash kitchen to create a range of new products to rapidly test amongst target consumers in Consumer Product Labs. MFIC's Industrial Design team developed the accompanying structural pack designs to understand appeal, usability and shelf stand out. The Product Labs explored the concept, product sensory elements and packaging. The rapid fire methodology of "create, design and test" approach allowed us modify, refine and re-test stimulus with consumers over a quick 4 weeks to ensure we had the best solution to present as our final product/pack portfolio to the retailer. Working with MFIC, allowed us to rapidly validate the right offer and helped to accelerate our launch for chilled meals."

Mr. Anand Surujpal

General Manager Marketing & Innovation

"Edlyn Foods commissioned the Monash Food Innovation Centre to test a new packaging prototype amongst key Edlyn business customers. The challenge was to identify current usage behavior and the reaction to the prototype as well as advantages and disadvantages compared with current products. Using a consumer led approach, the MFIC helped Edlyn Foods gain a greater insight into the potential opportunities for the prototype, in addition to step-by-step design led guidelines that will need to be implemented to improve the prototype."

Aida Golneshin

Business Innovation Manager

We engaged the design team at MFIC for front end design development of new structural packaging concept. The concept was created by MFIC designers and consumer tested to lead the future iterations based on real consumer feedback. The main outcome was a design that could be taken by a supplier and manufactured. They provided a vast array of stimulating and thought provoking designs, which were distilled down into a single concept that encapsulates the brand identity whilst capturing desired form direction. Their team provided an integral service to our business as it allowed us to quickly test internally the prospect of new designs and gain useful insight into consumer thought surrounding the design. We were very satisfied by the conduct and speed at which MFIC undertook our project and would gladly recommend their services for front-end design development.

Beverly Reeves

Senior Brand Manager

The Monash Food Innovation Centre was commissioned by Boundary Bend Wellness to test potential new concept ideas to take to market. The project was undertaken to understand the appeal and acceptability of the concept. The project helped validate the concepts, identify positioning benefits that most appeal and assisted us in defining the most suitable target audience for each concept.

Tim Smith

Executive Director

The MFIC won the pitch to host and facilitate the inaugural ‘Orora Innovation for the future Ideation workshop’ spanning 2 days. Our vision is to be the industry-leading packaging company and in order to stay ahead of the competition and partner our customers, investment in ideation forums is paramount. We have committed to an aggressive future growth strategy, with a key pillar being NPD. It is imperative that the ‘innovation pantry’ be stocked with a bank of new concepts to fill the future pipeline. The team at the Monash Innovation Centre certainly delivered above and beyond on our brief. I want to personally thank you all for all the effort, energy, passion and the momentum in preparing and running the first Orora beverage ideation forum. From the content to executing the workshops, the sense of humour and the team energy is far more than we ever asked for. The feedback from the team has been very complimentary and the outputs will be placed straight into our strategic planning framework.  A massive thank you to all.

Roya Khalil

Innovation and Marketing Manager, ORORA

New Zealand Trade Enterprises recently assembled a cohort of NZ Businesses at the Food Innovation Center at Monash University to devise strategies that will help navigate a smoother pathway into Australia for peer NZ businesses looking to enter, as well as taking businesses already established to the next level. The goal was to seek ‘transformational growth’ into the future by being immersed in the world class facilities at the FIC and to hear best practice key note presentations, pre commissioned customer surveys and learn some of the tools that can lead to bettering the odds of launching products successfully. Preparing to be ‘retail ready’ for business in Australia had every participant better prepared for a brighter future in Australian retail. Finally, the outputs by placing attendees in collaborative circles to collate a checklist for success and interact and learn from each other was masterfully devised and moderated by the FIC team. All in all, the day was a complete success and we are looking to make this an annual event so that we stay abreast of all of the latest thinking.

Matthew Topp

Commercial Business Advisor, NZTE

Thanks for a great ‘Innovation In Action and Immersion’ day. We’ve heard nothing but positive reviews of the day from everyone who attended in our Department. We are looking to stay true to our newly assigned Intrapreneur behaviours and all learned a lot from the key note presentations. Everything from the venue, amazing food, content, technology, pace, speakers, you name it, it was all good. Everyone came away very enthusiastic and ready to share with the rest of our business. The MFIC facilitation was spot on and the day flowed beautifully. Thank you once again for guiding us through and building the agenda and leading in the execution of a really worthwhile offsite day for our team.

Christine McKenna

Executive Assistant, Simplot Australia Pty. Ltd.

"The MFIC was recently engaged to energize a strategically significant project hat had stalled and required new validation and inputs to lift the Organization's belief in the potential for growth from this initiative in the future. The innovation tools the MFIC took us through were practical, inclusive and engaging and the commercial outcomes immediately applicable. The team at the Monash Food Innovation Centre certainly put us back on track and added a suite of future innovation possibilities as well. I’d like to personally endorse all of the effort, energy, insight and outcomes on this project and all personally believe that it all bodes well for the future. The feedback from the Coles team that attended the sessions has also been very complimentary and the outputs will be placed straight into development. The team will also be able to use these tools to come up with, and sense check any ideas they have from now on.  A huge thanks to everyone involved. I feel like this project is back on track!"

Mark Field

Head of Coles Brand

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