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Fascinating to see how Ben & Jerry’s does food innovation

It’s basically everyone’s dream job: Think about ice cream, make ice cream, eat ice cream—and take home three pints a day if you want.

At Vermont-based Ben & Jerry’s, between 10 and 12 “flavor gurus” are at any given time helping to invent the irreverent new flavors with which the company has become synonymous. They “boldly go where no ice cream makers have gone before,” jokes the Ben & Jerry’s website. But what do flavor gurus actually do?

One such guru, 31-year-old Chris Rivard (official title: global product development manager) has been working at the company for five years, after studying nutrition and food science at the University of Vermont. Rivard sat down with Quartz to explain his unique workday, a blend of culinary innovation, research & development logistics, and channeling the tastebuds of developing markets around the world.

READ FULL ARTICLE AT: https://qz.com/977889/ten-questions-for-a-ben-jerrys-flavor-guru/

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