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Food innovation?

CARROTS may be good for your eyesight, but the woman who picked up this one at her local supermarket suggests you might want to shield childrens’ eyes.

Lizzie Fenwick picked up this “unusual” example of the vegetable at her local supermarket in Geelong.

From one angle, it’s voluptuous to say the least.  From another angle, it verges on X-rated.

Lizzie gave the carrot a slowly-rotating star turn in a video she posted on Woolworths’ Facebook page.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT: https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/unexpected-item-in-bagging-area-rogue-carrot-verges-on-xrated/news-story/8d229d2e88c7c8b9ebc3a5d717a84d3e

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