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Key trends: Growing interest in global foods, decline in following low fat diets

Australians are more likely to go to a café for coffee or tea than to eat out at a fast-food place, and having a meal at the pub is now vastly more popular than getting a pizza home-delivered. Meanwhile, low-fat diets are falling out of favour, fewer people are preoccupied with their cholesterol levels, and more of us are opting to buy the same food week in, week out. The past decade has seen some marked changes in Australians’ dining and dietary habits, and Roy Morgan has been monitoring them closely.

One of the most striking trends over the last 10 years has been our ever-more widespread penchant for going to cafes. Back in 2006, 51.1% of Aussies aged 14+ visited a café for coffee or tea at least once in an average three months; since then, this has risen to 58.9%. Furthermore, 48.2% of us now go to a café for a snack or meal at least once per quarter, a substantial increase on 40.8% in 2006.

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