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MFIC Q1 2017

Update on visitations since the FIC opened at Monash

The Food Innovation Centre transitioned to our new Monash University (Clayton) home on July 1st this year. We hit the ground running and continued to offer our capability and services to food manufacturing businesses.

Soon after landing at Monash, The Hon. Wade Noonan MP, Victorian Government Minister for Industry and Employment formally opened the FIC on the 10th of October 2016.

On the cusp of closing out our first 6 months at Monash this year, a staggering 900 businesses have engaged with us at speaking events, workshops, breakfasts and business development.

Businesses that have physically come through the FIC at Monash number in excess of 200.

We are proud of our facilities and the state of the art technology we have to share with people that visit. Our Innovation Centre has different applicability depending on what Business you are. From ‘smart walls’ with eye tracking and heat mapping, the breath taking cave theatrette, fully appointed design studio to name a few. And, all housed in an 3 year old, award winning architectural master piece called the Green Futures building.

If you haven’t come to see us yet, make a New Year’s resolution to book an appointment.

Like many other Businesses mentioned above, you’ll be glad you did.

Review: FIC and KPMG Breakfast Event 13th December

The Food Innovation Centre recently combined forces with the Global Strategy Group at KPMG to host a breakfast for interested participants entitled: ‘Hear how you can access the Chinese market including new partnership resources now available to you.’

At this breakfast event, details of the historic agreement between Monash University and the Nutrition and Health Research Institute (NHRI) of China’s biggest food company – state owned COFCO Corporation were unveiled.

The strategic alliance between the FIC and COFCO NHRI, is aimed at boosting exports to China.  Access to COFCO NHRI’s technical resources, in-depth knowledge of Chinese consumers, regulatory expertise and market delivery platforms to fast track supply opportunities for Australian exporters makes this alliance very attractive for Australian Food and Ag companies looking at accessing the China market.

Apart from understanding the benefits and magnitude of this association, participants at the breakfast also gained exposure to KPMG’s China market facts such as middle class demography, shopper locations, categories in growth, consumer product preferences and a winning check list for exporting.

 Please contact us for further details if you are interested to export to China through this pathway and check out our web site for the next topic for 2017 in our informative Breakfast Series.

2017 Capability and Workshop program:

Learn with us through our Best Practice interactive Innovation programs

Over last 3 years more than 500 SMEs have participated in our programs.

These have resulted many businesses able to increase the odds of success their innovation by learning tools such as:

  • knowledge mapping (what you know and what do you don’t know),
  • product mapping (identifying the white space).

We have an entire calendar year of new programs (from full day to breakfasts) coming up in 2017

so here’s your chance to engage with best practice innovation capabilities and tools and learn how to co-create, accelerate and de-risk your innovation.

Click here for all the latest details.

To register interest or seek further information, email Program manager

Rod Heath on rod.heath@monash.edu

FIC Intrapreneurship Academy program

Are you seeking a customised innovation best practice capability program for your team?

The FIC offers a best in class Intrapreneurship Academy that can be fully tailored to arm and empower individuals.

 The modular course can be run within a business or organisation with a cross functional team or equally, as an industry program with many companies working on live business challenges.

There are fundamental innovation tools to take away including Knowledge Mapping and Product Mapping. Other essential skills include…….

– Developing great ideas from consumer insights

– Design Thinking. Create, design and physically build your ideas! Then, design prototype for fast iterative development and potential 3D printing

Intrapreneur – Testimonial from Chobani

In 2016, a total of sixteen Chobani executives from R&D, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Procurement undertook an interactive, six day Intrapreneur training program, over several months, with the ambition of upskilling the knowledge and spirit of the collective team, as well as empowering individuals to be brave enough to influence the future and enact change.

Alongside the interactive learning modules, a live business challenge was worked on throughout the course which surrounded the future new product development of one of our famous yogurt brands.

The Food Innovation programs have a well thought out balance of theory and practical application. The Chobani team learned valuable best practice skills including setting up a conducive environment for an innovation culture, knowledge and product mapping and converting insights to winning ideas supported by design thinking that will ultimately make the final product offer more attractive to consumers.

An added benefit of this type of program is that it helped to bring the commercial and the operational and development teams closer together. Participants became more aligned on future strategy as well forming a stronger and more inclusive culture overall. This will undoubtedly bode well for Chobani’s future. An extremely well run, relevant and insightful course with tangible, future business outcomes both for our people and our brands.

Emily Houlahan, Marketing Manager, Chobani

Research & Development ‘timeshare expertise’ at the FIC – Come and develop with us.

Research and Development complexity is often underestimated by businesses that are rushing to launch products.

R&D could equally stand for ‘rigour and detail’ as this is what is required to make sure that all boxes are ticked along the successful pathway from ‘idea to shelf’.

Food Innovation Centre former industry practitioners have launched thousands of products and here’s a few questions from experience that will give you an instant appreciation as to whether you have given your R and D needs the thought, time and resource that’s required for lift off!

How much do you really know about your recipe?

Taste is the key to success.

What exactly is your capability to scale up your idea from a kitchen to a mass produced factory environment?

Taste, texture, appearance all change when fully mechanized.

Have you validated your process via scale up trials?

Does your packaging have regulatory and legal approval?

Have you validated your Nutritional Information Panel and ingredients listing?

Do you have the appropriate allergen statements?

Have you applied for, verified and tested your unique APN Code?

Do your baseline costings actually meet your margin requirements to run an ongoing concern?

Remember that margin will further be eroded with retail requirements such as promotional programs and display.

The above questions are the thin edge of the R and D wedge!

Thankfully the Food Innovation Centre has Research and Development expertise at your fingertips!

Use us as a ‘timeshare’ arrangement! Take as little or as much as you need.

“The Food innovation Centre has 2 best in class industry R and D developers ready to take your brief.”

We cater for smaller projects that just need some guidance and coaching to comprehensive or even sophisticated partnering (where we actually become your R&D)!

Our R&D specialists can partner with you through the entire new product development process from concept translation to launch for both domestic and export markets. We mentor you and your people along the way to assist you in building future capability and giving you peace of mind that things are done right the first time round!

So, when considering all the steps necessary to commercialise your ideas, make sure the words Research and Development are synonymous with Rigour and Detail and if you are feeling like risks and unknowns are lurking around every corner, reach out and we will customise a plan for you that will allow you to sleep easier when your head hits the pillow!

Elesha Kelly – R&D End to End Project Manager

Elesha Kelly has a Food Science & Nutrition degree and a background working in Regulatory and R&D product development at Mondelez across multiple markets in Asia Pacific in chocolate and confectionary category. She has a passionate interest in product development using front end innovation design from idea through to execution and product commercialisation. Elesha has a proven record for delivering critical projects with complex activities in tight timelines supported by strong communication and stakeholder management.

Kristy Lawrence – R&D End to End Project Manager

Kristy Lawrence brings over 15 years experience to the Food innovation Centre from FMCG roles spanning across product development, value engineering, quality assurance and procurement with market leading brands such as Kellogg’s, McDonalds, Leggo’s, Edgell, KFC & Steggles. Kristy’s methodical yet agile approach has seen her lead complex projects and multi-year programs at over 20 manufacturing sites in Australia and Asia.

The Food Innovation Centre team can support you with the following types of services:

  • FRONT END consumer research services
  • Consumer and shopper research services with Eye tracking
  • Visualise your product, pack and point of sale ideas with creative design services
  • Visualise your NPD and activation in virtual store (in store layout and planogram optimisation)
  • Access our R&D end to end experts to help you go from insight translation to execution in market
  • Come and learn with us through our Innovation capability programs (industry workshops and intrapreneurship program)

Why not subscribe for updates or contact us to discuss your innovation needs and let the Food Innovation Centre team co-create with you to achieve a successful outcome.

Or maybe visit the Food Innovation Centre to meet the team in person – here’s how you can find us

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