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Monash Food Innovation Centre

  /  Food Innovation News   /  The Foood Innovation Centre @Monash has an even better future shop facility!

The Foood Innovation Centre @Monash has an even better future shop facility!

Mike Lee spent time as a kid marveling at concept cars at auto shows in Detroit. “This huge auto industry institutionalized the tradition of creating a non-production model concept whose sole purpose was to show the world what that company was dreaming about for the future.” Lee grew up and went searching for that kind of tangible look at innovation in the food world – and couldn’t find it. So he founded The Future Market, a futurist food project that looks at the ways food might be produced and consumers might shop for food in the future. Through concept products, specialized events, working shops and live engagements, the Future Market aims to be at the center of conversations around what our food systems will look like many years from now.

The Future Market focuses on two core areas of work – one is helping big food companies partner with startups and embed innovation into their own companies to act more like startups. Their innovation food platform, Alpha Food Labs, is a project designed to work with large corporations and food producers to help them maneuver faster through rapid prototyping projects.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT: https://thespoon.tech/next-gen-grocery-the-future-market-looks-at-the-future-of-food/

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