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Traditional food type producers must also innovate or risk disruption

Pat Brown wants every piece of meat consumed in the world to be made entirely from plants. He’s going after the carnivores — and the meat industry that serves them red, bloody, marbled meat.

The scientist and chief executive behind the plant-based burger from Impossible Foods, Brown doesn’t particularly care that vegetarians and vegans rave about its flavor. He’s on a mission to recreate the texture, smell, and flavor of meat that carnivores crave — while cutting down on the waste in meat production.

“These yeast are making a protein that’s naturally made by soybean roots,” said Brown, motioning to strains of yeast in various tubes. “You can see, maybe, some of them are redder than others,” he pointed out to NBC’s Jo Ling Kent on a recent tour of the Impossible Foods Silicon Valley lab and test kitchen.

READ FULL ARTICLE AT: https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/innovation/disrupting-cow-plant-based-burger-smells-tastes-bleeds-real-thing-n780721

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