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Who else guessed these future food trends?

If you are, like me, a lifelong Star Trek fan (I started watching The Next Generation with my parents in the Nineties), then you probably know that the series is hiding some of the most memorable food moments on television. From Captain Picard’s iconic love for “tea, Earl Grey, hot,” to Neelix’s role as ship’s cook on Voyager, to Quark’s bar in Deep Space Nine, where lonely space travelers and beleaguered Federation officers come together to get, well, drunk after work, food is central to the lives of the future’s explorers. Advanced technology hasn’t made eating obsolete in this fictional universe; instead, Star Trek’s protagonists take advantage of the galaxy now open to near infinite cuisines by eating raw worms, drinking synthetic alcohol, and occasionally still indulging in both coffee and chocolate. Throughout the years that Star Trek been on the air in its various incarnations, many of the episodes even managed to predict several culinary trends that we can experience today.

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