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Chief Operating Officer

Senior executive with over 20 years experience in FMCG, Food service channels having commercialised over 800 innovations in Asian and ANZ markets

Education Capability Manager

Long history of engaging and inspiring people to do the best they can for the businesses they work for and themselves.

Lead Industrial Designer

With over 7 years experience in product, packaging and graphics Adam has taken lead on large design projects spanning the FMCG sector. A strong ethos of thinking beyond the box Adam and his team strive to deliver poignant, emboldened designs […]

R&D End to End Project Manager, BDM, Food & Agriculture, Monash

Over 15 years of FMCG & Industrial experience across product development, value engineering, quality assurance & procurement with market leading brands such as Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, Leggo’s, Edgell, KFC & Steggles. Lead complex projects & multi-year programs at over 20 manufacturing sites […]

Industrial Designer

Ben has a wide range of skills in the creative process and experience working on a wide range of different projects. Specializing in Industrial Design, Ben also works in the realms of Graphic Design, Web Development, Videography and Photography. This […]

Industrial Designer

Kaitlyn has experience working on all aspects of the creative design process across a broad range of projects. In addition to specialising in Industrial Design, Kaitlyn has Communication Design and Photography project experience and skills. This versatile skill set combined […]

Industrial Designer

Abhishek has experience in a wide range of industries including Industrial Design, Automotive Design, Graphic Design and Web Design. Having worked in a large automotive brand, a former start-up and through his creative consultancy work, he is able to adapt […]

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